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How the Honeymoon Registry Works

Our specialized honeymoon registry service offers you a unique alternative to the traditional wedding registry. 2 of Hearts Honeymoons was created to help you make your Honeymoon Dreams become a Reality. Our online service will allow your family and friends to contribute to your unforgettable honeymoon vacation.

Getting Started

Arrange your dream vacation with a 2 of Hearts Personal Honeymoon Specialist or make your travel arrangements independently. We offer competitive pricing and extra values as well as the benefit of a Honeymoon Expert.

Creating Your Registry

Once the registration process is complete, you can create your customized on-line registry to fit your individual needs or have your Personal 2 of Hearts Representative assist in building your registry.

You will then have the option to upload a digital photo of your choice and add a custom message to your friends & family.

Next, a dedicated 2 of Hearts Personal Representative will be working with you throughout your registry process. Our personalized service and dedication is what sets us apart from the other honeymoon registry services.

Inform Your Guests

For a successful registry, let everyone know where you are registered. To help promote your registry, you can download FREE Honeymoon Registry Announcement Cards right from your control panel.

Include Registry Announcement Cards in your engagement, shower, and wedding invitations. Advise your immediate family members and bridal party of your gift wishes, so that they may be actively involved in communicating directly to your guests.


Guests can contribute to your honeymoon via the following options:

  • Online credit card purchase with a secure server and payment gateway 24/7
  • Calling and making a purchase over the phone
  • Mailing a check to 2 of Hearts Honeymoons

Gift Announcement Card

Once a purchase is made, your guests will have the option of the following choices to inform you of the gift that was purchased.

  • A gift announcement card is emailed to the guests, which can be printed and given to the couple.
  • A gift announcement card can be purchased for a fee and mailed out to the guest or the couple.

Regardless of how your guests contribute to your honeymoon you will be able to review all contributions on-line 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via your control panel.

The guests have an option to make their purchase a surprise. Your registry summary will reflect the purchase that was made, but the purchasers name will remain anonymous until the closing of your registry. At that time the purchasers name will be revealed.

Registry Funds

You are responsible for all travel payments leading up to the closing of your registry whether it was booked by 2 of Hearts or independently. This will ensure your honeymoon is paid in full even if all registry gifts are not purchased.

We give you several options in receiving your registry funds and you can work with your 2 of Hearts representative in finding the best one to fit your needs.

  • PayPal - If you have a PayPal Account, your funds can be transferred at anytime after the purchase has cleared. This can take 24 to 48 hours to post depending on the day of the week.
  • Company Check  You may request a check at anytime during your active registry. Funds will be available once the purchase has cleared which can take 24 to 48 hours to post depending on the day of the week.

All checks are sent regular first class mail via the US Postal Service. Express or overnight delivery service is also available for a fee.

Closing Your Registry

On the 3rd business day following the close of your registry, you will have the option of having your remaining funds deposited into your PayPal account or have a check mailed out to you. This allows time for any last minute purchases to clear and post to your account.

All checks are sent regular first class mail via the US Postal Service. Express or overnight delivery service is also available for a fee.

You will also receive a copy of your registry closing summary showing all purchases made by your friends and family, which is helpful in writing your Thank You Cards.

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