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We recommend that you register at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. This will ensure ample time to include registry announcement cards in your engagement, shower and wedding invitations. Our service offers you a simple alternative in both planning your honeymoon, and registering for your dream vacation on-line!

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Your guests will only have access to view the following information: first & last names, digital photo (if provided), wedding date, honeymoon destination, and your registry components.

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As part of our commitment to personalized service, a representative of 2 Of Hearts will be assigned to each couple for assistance and support in their registry process.

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Please select a Registry Closing Date for your wedding guests to purchase gifts. We suggest you keep it open until the day of your wedding to capture any last minute purchases.

Your closing date can be changed at anytime either by you or your 2 of Hearts Personal Rep.

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Free Honeymoon Registry and Travel Plans

Your FREE Honeymoon Registry includes the following: a customized honeymoon registry, ability to upload a digital photo of your choice, your own Personal 2 of Hearts Representative, downloadable announcement cards, emailed gift announcements from your guests, maintenance on the registry, and a detailed registry summary that makes writing your Thank You cards effortless.

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Agreement Statement

We understand that a 7.25% service fee will be charged to our guests at the end of their purchase. The amount that will show on our Registry Summary is the amount that we have requested for each of our registry components. For example, a $25 snorkeling trip will be listed for $25.00 and guests will be charged an additional $1.81 at the end of their purchase.

We understand that we will receive a check or have our funds deposited into a PayPal Account for all purchased components and will work with our 2 of Hearts Honeymoons Representative to determine when we would like to receive the funds.

We understand that we are responsible for ALL payments on our honeymoon whether the registry sells out or not.

I have read and agree to all of the above including the Terms & Conditions.

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