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Honeymoon Registry Benefits

Gift registries are very popular, especially for wedding couples. Couples have always registered for the traditional gifts, such as household items, because that is what they needed the most! Now we have approached a new era in which couples are pre-established prior to marriage, getting married later in life, and statistics show a rise in second marriages. It is easy to see why their needs have changed.

2 of Hearts is offering couples an alternative, they can now register for their honeymoon!

We will show you the simplicity and monetary benefits of using our on-line service.

Wedding guests will benefit as well. Family and friends, are you tired of trying to decide what to buy for the special couple? Now you can contribute to a once in a lifetime vacation, their honeymoon, a gift that is timeless and unforgettable.

Below is a comparison we would like to share with you to explain both the benefits and cost savings of a honeymoon registry vs. a traditional gift.

gift comparison chart

Time Saving for the Wedding Couple

2 of Hearts understands that your time is valuable. Registering online is quick and simple. No stores to visit, or lines to wait in. At a department store, it would take you at least 2 hours to choose items for your registry. Also, once you return from your honeymoon the last thing you will want to do is spend time returning gifts. With our registry, you will never have a gift to return!

Time Savings for the Guest

We realize that your time is just as valuable. You can choose and purchase a meaningful gift from our registry within 15 minutes right in the convenience of your home. This will save you both time and money trying to pick out a gift that the wedding couple may or may not even use.

Mark Ups

Do you realize that when you purchase a gift from a department store you pay on average 75% more than the gift is really worth? Using the example above you are paying $25.00 for a gift that is probably only worth $6.25. By utilizing our on-line registry the couple receives the full value of the gift, the $25.00!

Duplicate Gifts

With 2 of Hearts your registry is automatically updated once a gift is purchased, instead of relying on the store to update your registry. This will greatly reduce the number of duplicate gifts you receive.


Instead of driving to the department store to discover that your gift is out of stock, order your gift from2 of Hearts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wedding Cards

The prices of wedding cards have drastically increased over the years. When a gift is purchased on the 2 of Hearts website a complimentary Gift Announcement Card will be emailed to the purchaser which can be presented to the bride and groom.


If you are traveling out of town for a wedding, packing your breakable wedding gift is a primary concern. You may decide to mail it, hence pay high shipping costs. If you choose to purchase a traditional gift on-line, you will pay shipping and handling fees, plus hope that the gift arrives before the wedding. By using 2 of Hearts you will never have to worry about your gift arriving on time or high shipping fees.

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